End the dinner time battle

End the dinner time battle
18 June 2018
Every family seems to have a picky eater, and when it’s your children who refuse to tuck into vegetables, it can be equal parts frustrating and worrying. Let’s end the dinner time battles, now. Here are our top 5 tips for getting that broccoli in:

Be the example
Your children’s eating habits are primarily defined by your own. If you’re skipping the greens, your children will too. If you battle to down Brussel sprouts, or loathe legumes, simply find healthy foods you enjoy and share them with your children. By setting a good example, you’ll have won half the battle.

Get the kids in the kitchen
Involving children in meal preparation, cooking, and baking, piques their interest and makes them more willing to eat what’s on their plate. If they’ve helped make it, they’re more likely to eat it! Sure, it might get messy, but it will be fun! Best of all, your dinner time battle will be won.

Hand over the decision making
If you’re still battling over broccoli, try handing over the decision-making powers – let the kids decide what you’re having for dinner! We’re not saying they should have infinite choice (we all know they’d choose ice cream, every time), but simply by offering two simple choices, and asking your child to pick one, they’ll be that little bit more invested in what’s served up at the table tonight.

Colour in your plate
A well-balanced diet is filled with colour. Make every plate a little more fun, by arranging colourful foods by shade, or seeing how many colours you can cram onto a plate. Keep it colourful, and you’ll be enjoying a happy dinner time together.

The joy of variety
If your child protests and ‘hates’ carrots, don’t keep dishing them up and hoping your kid will change their mind. Instead, keep offering a wide range of fruits and vegetables, and celebrate every time you find one they do enjoy. Keep adding new fruits and vegetables to your meals, and soon, the dinner time drama will be over.

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