E-Scripting makes life easier.

E-Scripting makes life easier.
06 August 2018
Eliminating errors and making your life easier.

That all-too-familiar doctor’s scrawl is a laughable yet comforting part of accessing medical care for everyone. But, indistinct handwriting opens up the potential for errors, and may lead to you being given the wrong medication. That’s where e-scripting can save lives.

What is e-scripting?
E-scripting is the next step in doctor’s prescriptions, that aims to do away with the potential pitfalls of the doctor’s scrawl. Instead of being handwritten, prescriptions are generated electronically, eliminating the potential for error. Notably too, this saves time, ensures patient safety, and helps pharmacists do their jobs more efficiently. While e-scripting is not yet the norm in South Africa, rolling it out as a standard service is a priority for the health sector, and soon you should be able to ask your doctor about switching to e-scripting.

E-scripting helps your doctor
Taking the administrative burden away from doctors is a key purpose for e-scripting, and the software behind the system automatically completes the correct ICD-10 codes for medical aid claims. Moreover, e-scripting enables easy, digital storage of patient medical history – an important element for managing chronic conditions. E-scripting also makes it easy for doctors to hand over patient information to other medical professionals, assured of data security and validity.

E-scripting helps your pharmacist
Pharmacists operate within a high-pressure environment, and accidentally handing over the incorrect medication is a constant concern. E-scripting helps to solve that problem, by streamlining the communication processes between doctor and pharmacy, and eliminates the potential for mistakes. Notably too, e-scripting decreases the opportunity for fraud to occur, and ensures every prescription correctly adheres to legal regulations.

E-scripting helps you
E-scripting saves you time and makes your experience with the medical fraternity more efficient. Nobody really enjoys going to the doctor, but e-scripting helps to make that necessity a more pleasant, streamlined experience. Your doctor has instant, easy access to your full medical history, and getting your prescription filled at the pharmacy gets a bunch easier. By eliminating the guesswork and administrative burden attached to your prescription, e-scripting makes your life easier.

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