Do You Know CPR?

Do You Know CPR?
07 November 2016
Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is important. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of those important skills you should learn, because they may be essential in an emergency.

This week is National CPR Week, so we’re turning our attention towards helping you learn this important skill.  

What is CPR?
CPR is a lifesaving technique, often used in incidents of drowning or heart attack. CPR is usually a combination of acts, including chest compressions and rescue breathing but, very often, people who have not learnt CPR just make use of chest compressions.  

What does CPR do?
CPR helps to keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain of a person who has had an accident or heart attack and is now unresponsive. CPR can be performed in an emergency, while waiting for medical assistance to arrive, such as paramedics or an ambulance.

Where can you learn CPR?
Learning how to perform CPR is important, and there are many different ways you can learn how to do it. It is, however, recommended that you attend a First Aid training course, offered by an accredited service provider. There are many training providers, who offer First Aid courses across South Africa, and you can find a training centre here, through the Resuscitation Council Of Southern Africa website. If you’d like to brush up on your skills, you can check out these resources too:

Is CPR the same for everyone?
Performing CPR on a child, adult or baby is different, so it’s important to know the different techniques required. Particularly, infant’s bones are more flexible than adults, but that also makes them more delicate. That’s why different techniques are used when performing CPR. Most often too, infants and children require CPR because they have something lodged in their airway, while adults have – most often – experienced a heart attack. And, for the furry members of your family, CPR can also be a life-saving skill. The University of Washington has put together this useful guide for you, in case of any pet-related emergencies.

LifeDoc Can Help
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