Clear Your Mind

Clear Your Mind
04 November 2019
Everyone knows the best way to beat stress is good rest, healthy eating, and regular exercise. But did you know your mobile phone could help too?

Stress management 

Managing your stress levels is a modern-day task. Stress is an inescapable part of our lives, and although we all know that eating well, sleeping regularly, and getting good exercise can help us manage our minds, it’s not always possible to keep up with the demands of our lives and make sure we’re managing those too. Finding a little time for yourself can feel impossible some days. Don’t let yourself feel too overwhelmed by the prospect of too-little-me-time. Here are four top-quality mobile apps that can help you manage your stress levels:


It’s called the number one mobile application for meditation and sleep, but Calm is so much more than just an app - it’s a lifestyle change. Instead of furiously scrolling social media feeds during your lunch break, or when you’re battling to fall asleep, Calm can be used on the go, to help you fix the frazzle and clear your mind. There’s a free and a paid version of Calm, both of which offer you great ways to bliss out at bedtime, chill out during a lunch break, or start your day in an uplifting way. 


Headspace also makes it simple to manage your stress levels, in just a few minutes a day. Focused on helping you learn how to meditate, Headspace makes available a full guide to learning how to focus your mind, and clear your headspace. By taking you through learning the art of meditation, and providing you with a library of guided meditations, Headspace makes it easy to take a few minutes for yourself every day. 


Formerly known as Pacifica, Sanvello is an all-in-one mobile application that aims to improve your mental health and help you better manage the demands of your life, with a clear head. Sanvello works as an on-demand service, Sanvello offers you on-the-go information and techniques for combating depression and anxiety. Backed by science and a community of mental health care professionals, Sanvello is a must for better managing your mental health. 


Rooted in science, and rolling out fun ways to manage your mental health, Happify turns the serious into the sublime. Using games, quizzes, and other tools, Happify helps you retrain your brain, angling your mental activity towards positive thoughts and actions. To begin, you’ll calculate your Happiness Score and enjoy an app experience that’s tailored for your life. 

LifeDoc Can Help

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