Boost Your Productivity

Boost Your Productivity
18 June 2019
Your To-Do List is terrifying, and you just can’t seem to crack it. Here are 5 ways you can boost your productivity levels, every day:

Get some sleep

Busy work days and crammed social calendars can tempt us towards skimping on our sleep, but that’s not the way to stay productive. In fact, losing out on sleep can cause your productivity levels to sag, and you may end up way behind on your tasks. Establishing and adhering to a regular sleep schedule does wonders for your mental wellbeing, physical health, and productivity levels. Read more about getting the right amount of shuteye here.

Play a game

You might think it’s a silly waste of time, but picking the right kind of game to play on your mobile phone or tablet can actually boost your brain power. We created a list of our favourite brain power boosting apps a while ago, and our office agrees - they help!

Use a new technique

If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate, try a different technique for getting things done. We recommend the Pomodoro technique. Using this approach, you devote a certain amount of time to focusing on one single task. That means quitting everything else, closing all those tabs (yes, even Facebook!) and concentrating wholly on one task. The Pomodoro technique recommends using a timer, and allocating time slots of 25 minutes long. Read more about the Pomodoro technique here.

Take your lunch break
It’s all too tempting to use your lunch hour to catch up on emails, or run errands, but it’s there for a reason: to give your mind and body a break from work. Leave the office and find somewhere pleasant to sit while you enjoy a healthy lunch. When you return, you’ll get back to your desk, refreshed and ready to conquer your afternoon’s tasks.

Set up your schedule for success
We’ve all attended meetings that could’ve been an email, and we’ve all wondered just how useful a 3-hour meeting really is. Adjust your approach to meetings, by always ensuring that they have a set agenda, tied to immediate or long-term goals. If it’s a meeting-about-a-meeting, turn that into an email or messaging thread.

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