Boost your Brain Power

Boost your Brain Power
26 November 2018
Boost your brain power with our list of apps that’ll help you stay quick-thinking and aid memory retention.

Your best friend, your brain
Staying sharp and alert helps you get through the day. Eating well, getting enough rest, and regular exercise, all contribute towards keeping your brain healthy. But, a little extra help from some brain power apps can assist with keeping you on the go. Here are our top five apps for boosting your brain power:

Offering a personalised brain training experience, Elevate includes more than 35 games that are designed to increase your productivity levels, cognitive function, and self-confidence.

Cognifit is rooted in scientific study and works to help you improve your cognitive skills, and train your brain towards functioning better. Cognifit also offers real-time monitoring and professional tools, to help you boost your brain power.

Peak Brain Training is packed with short, stimulating, and entertaining brain games that test and improve your concentration levels, memory retention, problem solving skills, and mental agility.  

Your Lumosity experience begins with a fit test, that ascertains your baseline brain score through three quick tests. After that, the app assigns you daily exercises that test 5 core cognitive abilities. The app adjusts as you progress, so you’re always being challenged as you play!

Your eidetic memory is your ability to easily, and quickly, recall images from memory, after a few instances of repeated exposure. The Eidetic app works to improve your eidetic memory, improving your memory retention skills.

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