Back To School: Why Routines Matter

Back To School: Why Routines Matter
20 January 2020
Why a good routine sets a strong foundation for your children’s development.

The strongest foundation

Setting and sticking to a good routine for your children lays a strong foundation for your children’s health, development, and educational progress. While the swirl of scheduling your children’s lives may seem insurmountable sometimes, a solid routine enables so much, and creates a strong foundation for their health and development.

To sleep, perchance to succeed

There’s not much a good night’s sleep can’t fix, but a consistent and regular sleep pattern creates and enables so much, in terms of your children’s health and development. Regular sleep means your children have adapted to regular routines, and getting good means they’re growing well. For an overview of just how much sleep everyone should be getting every night, check out our Snoozing For Health sleep schedule.

Knowing what to expect

Establishing expectations starts with setting down routines for your family, and giving your children a predictable, stable foundation for every day helps to create a happy home. By establishing and adhering to a solid routine, your children grow up in a stable, happy home where they know what to expect every day. A good routine also creates opportunities for memory-making, so don’t think that routines need to be boring to be effective. Instead, you can use the routine parts of your day to create memories. For example, the morning breakfast routine can be accompanied by a special song, or working together to flip the flapjacks.

Giving you enough time

If there’s one thing we all need more of, it’s time. Setting and sticking to a solid routine for your family actually helps you “win” back time, enabling you to create sufficient space for relaxing, down time, and lazy days off. Scheduling and setting a strong routine enables you schedule that down time too, making sure your children know the value and joy of working hard, and relaxing too.

Your future adult thanks you

Establishing good healthy habits isn’t something to start worrying about just before your child moves out of home. Instead, establishing good, healthy habits is a process that begins within their early years. It supports a habit of self-discipline, and empowers your child throughout their life, to make good choices for themselves.

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