Back In The Office: COVID-19 Protocols

Back In The Office: COVID-19 Protocols
07 July 2020
Protecting yourself and your colleagues

Life during a pandemic does look different. If you’ve returned to the office, or are expecting to soon, here’s what your new way of working should include: 



Personal Screening

Before you leave for work each day, you should take your temperature, and assess your health. If you’re feeling unwell, or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, inform your employer immediately. Now is not the time to drag yourself to the office, when you’re not feeling well. If you are feeling unwell, book a virtual consultation with your doctor as soon as you can. Your doctor will advise you on your symptoms and refer you for a COVID-19 test if required.


Social Distancing

Once you are back in the office, you may find your office has been laid out differently. This is to enable and enforce social distancing, where a distance of between 1.5 to 2 metres needs to be kept between people. This may mean that desks have moved around, and your canteen, kitchen, and other facilities have been reorganised. Keep in mind that these measures have been implemented as a matter of public health, while enabling economic activity to resume. 


Mask Wearing

Wearing a cloth mask when you’re out and about in public, and when you’re in the office, is required. Many employers will provide you with masks, while others may ask you to provide your own. This will depend, of course, on the unique circumstances of your work environment and functions. Ultimately, however, if you’re outside of your home, always wear a mask.  



Along with a shift in the way your office looks, the way it operates has changed too. Meetings need to be conducted in a manner that enables social distancing, and it may be simpler to continue remote meeting formats. Just as you used online video and teleconferencing facilities while you were working from home under lockdown, this can continue when you’re back in the office too. 


Daily Cleaning And Sanitisation

Regular cleaning and sanitisation of your workspace is essential. When you return to your desk, take along your own supply of hand sanitizer and soap. Don’t forget to wash your hands as regularly as possible, for at least 20 to 40 seconds. Your offices will be cleaned and sanitised on a more regular basis too, and you’ll need to ensure your workspaces are regularly wiped down. 


Your Health

As our President has outlined several times, taking personal responsibility for your health is important. Now’s the time to take careful note of your health and your family’s health. If you’re not sure of what to look out for, visit the SA Coronavirus website, or chat to your doctor about your family’s health. 


LifeDoc Can Help

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