Apps for Your Child’s Health

Apps for Your Child’s Health
24 June 2019
Keeping tabs on your child’s health can be made a little easier, with this selection of great child health apps.

Eat Sleep

First-time parents are often surprised by just how much their newborn baby seems to sleep, eat, poop, and not do much else. It’s all part of the developmental phases and, all too quickly, their children are reaching those important milestones more quickly than they realised. Eat Sleep helps you keep track of those all-important aspects of parenting a baby, however, and can be used to alert parents to any change in sleeping pattern, or similar health concerns. It’s very useful for those 3 AM wakeups, when you can’t quite remember whether there was a nappy chance or not!

Kid’s Wellness Tracker
It’s not always easy to gauge just how quickly your child is growing, and it’s not always possible to pop in to the doctor at the first sign of a sniffle. Kid’s Wellness Tracker helps you keep pace with your child’s development, and allows you to generate reports on their health.

Awesome Eats

Even the pickiest eaters will be inspired to try something new (and healthy!) thanks to Awesome Eats. With 64 levels of fun, educational challenges, and more than 70 enchanting characters to teach your kid about nutrition, this is one app you’ll be thanking at dinner time!


Track your child’s eating habits, meals, and nutritional needs, using Fooducate. Useful and applicable for the whole family, Fooducate helps you make simple swap-outs on unhealthy foods, and turns food into a fun adventure for everyone. 

LifeDoc Can Help

If you’re concerned about your child’s health, book an appointment with your family doctor or paediatrician as soon as possible. Make that appointment, and take your notes using LifeDoc™. LifeDoc ™ can help. LifeDoc ™ helps you take charge of your personal health information, remember medical appointments, and securely stores your personal medical history. Stay up to date with LifeDoc™ on Facebook and Twitter.