5 Ways To Be Sun Smart This Summer

5 Ways To Be Sun Smart This Summer
16 December 2019
It’s time for some sunshine! Now that summer’s here, your sunburn does not have to be. In fact, it shouldn’t.

Get smart about your skin

Making sure your skin is not only well-nourished and moisturised, but protected from the sun’s damaging rays too, is important. That’s why we’ve put together our top five tips for managing your time in the summer sunshine:

It Doesn’t Matter

There are a few myths around sunscreen we need to throw into the sea, so let’s get started: your skin colour doesn’t matter - everyone needs to wear sunscreen. It’s a common misconception that darker-skinned families don’t need to use sunscreen, but everyone needs that protective layer for their summertime fun. Yes, everyone: that’s babies, children, adults, and grandparents too.

Plan your Outings

The best time to be in the sun is not over lunchtime. That’s when the sun’s rays are at their strongest, and you’re more likely to burn. Rather, plan your sunny day excursions by starting with some sunrise fun, and then head indoors from 10:00. Enjoy a lovely, lazy lunch in the shade, and then head back outdoors after 15:00.

Sunshine Style

Add a fun twist to your summertime style, and put on a hat! Add a splash of colour your beach gear with a fun hat, or simply make sure you’re always accessorising with this essential item for summer. A wide-brimmed hat will help to protect your face from the sun.

Get Selective About Swimwear

Everyone loves a spotted bikini, but it’s not always the most sensible attire for summer, especially if you’re keen on protecting your skin. Rather, scan the aisles of your favourite store for UV protective swimsuits, as these offer your skin an extra layer of protection against the sunshine.

Book your Checkups

A strange spot or mole on your skin should not be ignored. Book an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist, the moment you notice something different or disconcerting with your skin.

LifeDoc Can Help

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