4 Ways To Put a Spring Into Your Step

4 Ways To Put a Spring Into Your Step
02 September 2019
Shake off those winter woes and put a whole new spring in your step! Our spring exercise tips will help you adjust to a new, sunnier season. These are our four favourite ways to get walking:

Find an event
Exercising on your own can be demotivating, especially when you’re feeling sluggish and slow. Group exercise activities are a great way to stay accountable and put a spring in your step. Find out about local fun runs, weekly exercise events, or classes that can join in on. We suggest finding group fitness events that are close to your home or office. Events like parkrun, BesetRun in Durban, or similar, are superb for helping you get back on track with your fitness goals.
Find a gadget
Whether it’s a watch, your mobile phone, a fancy gadget, or a simple pedometer, gadgets can help you re-inspire yourself towards getting moving. Using gadgets and technology to monitor, improve, and refine your exercise routine.
Find a friend
Staying accountable to someone else when you don’t feel like getting out there, is a great motivator for getting started...and to keep going! Find a gym buddy, or figure out a way to get your best friend into keeping fit with you. Big tip: it’s a great way to create time in your busy schedule for catching up with someone you treasure. And, if you can’t find a friend whose schedule matches up with yours, get the family moving! An afternoon walk together, or a quick trip to the park three times a week, make for great ‘excuses’ to get moving and enjoy spending precious time together.
Find new fun
If your gym routine feels stale, and you’re all out of ideas for how to stay on top of your fitness, we recommend one big thing: find something else to do. A good look online and around your neighbourhood will reveal that there are seemingly infinite options for what you can do to stay in shape or achieve your fitness goals. Take up Karate, join a Zumba class, or even start Aerial Yoga! You won’t be bored when you find something new and fun to do.
LifeDoc Can Help
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