LifeDoc™ is another pioneering product brought to you by MediSwitch and is the first personal health record in South Africa that is independent of medical aid schemes and healthcare providers. This means your health history is completely private, owned and accessible by you at any point in your life, irrespective of your healthcare or medical insurance provider.

South Africa’s sophisticated healthcare industry is world-renowned and MediSwitch has been responsible for electronic data interchange between healthcare professionals and funders in South Africa for the past 23 years, electronically interconnecting 12,000 healthcare professionals’ businesses with every medical aid in South Africa and facilitating more than 100 million transactions each year.  MediSwitch’s experience in the healthcare and information technology systems industry provides the intelligence, value and peace of mind behind LifeDoc™’s easy-to-use personal health record. It also means that your medical claims data can be imported into your records, seamlessly.  

LifeDoc™ provides you with a quick, simple and secure way to electronically record, store, track and selectively share your or your family’s health information. This means you always have important health information at hand when you need it, allowing you to manage your and your family’s health better.

Contact LifeDoc™ on 0800 695 433 or send an email to info@lifedoc.co.za for more information.