What We Learnt This Year
18 December 2017
Looking back at 2017, it seems almost impossible that the year has sped by so quickly. Yet, here we are: at the end of it all! Let’s consider some of the more off-beat health news stories from this year:
Festive Season – Healthy Options
11 December 2017
Healthy eating and holidays don’t usually mix, but our holiday health guidelines make it a little easier to stay on track:
50th Anniversary of the 1st Heart Transplant
27 November 2017
On 03 December 1976, South African doctor, Dr Christiaan Barnard, performed the world’s very first human-to-human heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.
Diabetes and Your Diet
20 November 2017
Many Diabetes diagnoses could be avoided through diet. In fact, numerous research studies have revealed an astonishing fact about Type 2 Diabetes – almost 70% of these cases could have been prevented through healthy living.